Entrelac Scarf

Class Name Craft Instructor Project Type Age Gender
Entrelac Scarf Knitting Viginia Scarf All Ages Any

According to a recent installment of knittingdaily, one of the top four goals for 2009 is to learn entrelac. Here’s your opportunity. Entrelac is a method that creates a “woven” or “lattice” appearance in the knit fabric. The fabric contains levels of triangles and blocks worked with a short-row technique facing one direction and connected to one another by picking up stitches from the level below. If you can K1, P1, M1, K2tog, P2tog, and pick up stitches, you have the foundation needed to connect the entrelac blocks and become a knitting sage.

Class size: 2-3
Instructor: Virginia

1 session:  $30