Class Name Craft Instructor Project Type Age Gender
Knit-TINK knitting Rose, Sandy, & Sharon P technique all all

Are you working on a lace project and need to undo those k2tog’s?  the ssk’s?  the skp’s?
Have you tried to undo them and end up with more – or fewer – stitches than you should?
Well this class will take you through the mechanics of “tinking” or undoing increase and decrease stitches common to lace so that you can tink back to the problem point and make your correction.

Instructors:  Rose, Sandy, Sharon P

Cost:  2 hour session $50

Skills necessary:  CO, knit, purl, k2tog, yo, ssk, skp (or other variations of the passing stitch)

Skills learned:  How to un-knit increase and decrease stitches common to lace work

Homework is necessary to complete before class.  Call and sign up for class and we will email you the homework.