Class Name Craft Instructor Project Type Age Gender
Woopsie! knitting Rose technique NA NA

Learn how to recognize and correct the errors we all find in our work: picking up dropped stitches, rescuing vs. ripping, correcting stitch alignment.  Bring your problem pieces to learn and practice your new skills.

One session of 2 hours: $30

Skills needed:  CO, K, P, ability to recognize K and P stitches

Skills learned:  Recognizing, correcting, and preventing common knitting errors:  identifying correct stitch mount, picking up dropped stitches, correcting a wrong stitch, unknitting, ripping, correcting the inadvertent yarn over, and more.

Materials:  Worsted wt smooth wool yarn in a light color, US #7, 8, or 9 needles

Homework will be sent to you before class.  Please complete and bring to class.

Level:  advanced beginner