2801 bammel lane, houston, texas 77098        713.942.7881


THE LITTLE YELLOW HOUSE at 2801 Bammel Lane is now home to Knitting in the Loop. Gideon G. Westcott built this house three miles North of Houston city limits in 1917 for his widowed daughter, Almira Giles. We don’t know if it was yellow then or not. In 1944 the house was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Power who raised 5 children here – giving new definition to a closely knit family. On November 28, 1984, the house was moved from 6815 Jensen to its present site and restored with an upstairs addition. We know of two previous businesses in the house – a shop for formal dresses and counseling for the treatment of eating disorders. I hope there is some good karma left.

We are delighted with the house. There is a big swing on the front porch. We have models/forms that will be on the porch daily to greet you. You can tell from the photographs that we had some work to do. With a lot of assistance from the Gardens of Bammel Lane Management we navigated city hall and now have a wonderful shop. Leslie Sinclair and her company Segreto, Inc. worked their magic on the interior with plaster, paint, and yarn on the walls. We hope you find it as charming and inviting as we do.