Electronics Updates at the Loop

The Loop is updating its electronic capabilities.  If you are on the new web site page, you know we have changed our site. We hope it will be easier for you to navigate and for us to keep updated.

We will soon be able to sort class projects by type, like baby things, so you can browse our classes more easily.  The calendar will be easy for you to print out if you want a hard copy & changes in the schedule will be easy for you to identify.  We will have recommendations for some of the staff’s favorite knitting websites, pattern resources & yarns.

Facebook will keep you updated on a daily/weekly basis with class announcements, KAL information, yarn arrivals, finished projects & what’s happening at the Loop.

We are replacing our tired lap top left from my son’s school days with an I pad so you can easily browse Ravelry  & sites to check out yarn colors & patterns.  Soon you will be able to order your Ravelry patterns at the shop, have them printed or not & they will be stored in your Ravelry library.  How slick is that?

We also have a new email address and hope to stay in touch with you more frequently.

Please bear with us while we put these changes into place.  We would appreciate any suggestions you might have about making your life at the Loop easier.  Please email us with any suggestions.

Thank you in advance for your patience-


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