March 2014 newsletter – Charity knitting, 5th year anniversary, Knit Swirl KAL

Are you looking for that project that involves your love of knitting but also results in benefit to others?  Here at KITL we knit hats for Texas Children’s Hospital premie and neonatal needs.  Using the directions we found on the Hissy Stitch blog, you can make hats in the “minie” and “meenie” size.  Bring them to the shop and once a month we deliver to TCH. Many thanks to you who have already participated.  Earlier last week we took approximately 50 hats.  They are so appreciated by the staff and parents.

Can you believe that KITL opened 5 years ago in the tiny yellow house?  Well in the middle of March we will be celebrating our 5th year of fiber.  Watch Facebook and Ravelry during the week of March of 18-22 and see what Judy lets us do!

Are you interested in knitting one of the jackets from Knit Swirl?  We have just ordered some yarns from Mountain Colors in Corvallis, Montana — they’re the ones that provided the yarn for the coat on the cover of the Knit Swirl book.  The coats that we have seen in person are absolutely beautiful and Mountain Colors has prepared kits for purchase in various colorways for several of the designs in the book.  If you are interested in making one of these, contact Ruth at the shop to discuss.

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